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We only supply to wholesale dealers, jewellers and goldsmiths (in training). Since the foundation in 1990 BirGem specializes in colored gemstones. As an example we have standard sizes and shapes in amethyst and smoky quarts as well as unique sapphires, tourmaline and spinel.

Over the years we have expanded our already wide product range with single pearls, pearl strings and gemstone strings. Many articles are available from our own stock. Thanks to good connexions and different European gemstone cutters as well as our usual cutter in India, we are proud to be able to deliver almost any custom cut gemstone you can think of.
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  • Toermalijn Bi-color

  • Tanzaniet Natuurkleur

  • London Blue Topaas

  • Rubelliet

  • Amethyst

  • Toermalijn

  • Parels

  • Lapis Lazuli Snoer

  • Kyaniet Snoer

  • Kwarts met Zwarte Toermalijn Snoer

  • Turquoise Snoer

  • Spinel

  • Saffier

  • Saffier Ceylon — Onverhit


Hesse & Co.

BirGem is the Dutch representative of Hesse & Co. Please visit Hesse & Co. for a large range of Tahiti- en South Sea pearls, both in loose beads as in pairs, strings as well as clasps and complete necklaces. At BirGem you can view sample specimens. By desire we can send you a brochure. All products are available on short notice.
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Hesse & Co.

Nederlands Edelsteen Laboratorium

For specific inquiries on for example the origin of your gemstone or the authenticity of your pearls, or if you would like your gemstone or pearl certified, we kindly refer you to the Dutch Gemstone Laboratory, Nederlands Edelsteen Laboratorium (NEL).

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Taxatiebureau Hamel

Valuation of (antique) jewellery can be arranged by Valuation Office Hamel, Taxatiebureau Hamel. Please contact Drs. G.J.W. Hamel FGA on the following telephone number.

+31 (0)620 41 52 11
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Do you have questions or do you want to place an order, please contact us.

+31 (0) 182 387 064

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