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We can deliver fresh water pearls in various shapes, sizes and colors:

  • The round fresh water pearls are half drilled and kept in stock from 3 to 10 mm in white, pink, black and grey.
  • Pear shaped en oval pearls are available in different sizes in white, pink, black and grey. These pearls are also half drilled.
  • Keshi pearls are flat, without core and have a somewhat capricious shape. They have no hole and are available in white and grey.
  • Baroque pearls, irregular shapes in white and grey, also undrilled.

You can find almost any color of fresh water pearl strings in our collection. On average from 3 to 10 mm and we often have more exclusive items.

At the same time we also keep a large range of Tahiti pearls in stock. These fresh water pearls are available in sizes from 8 to approximately 14 mm, and range from round to baroque in different gradations. Tahiti pearls are naturally grey in a scale of shades. These pearls are almost always undrilled. We also have Tahiti pearl strings.